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ByPolyOrbite team Jul 23, 2017

“Girls and science: an electrifying duo!”

On March 17, 2017, two members of PolyOrbite (Camille and Frédéric) took part in the event "Girls and science: an electrifying duo!". This even

ByPolyOrbite team May 20, 2017

Launch Party!

PolyOrbite held it's first launch party on Wednesday, April 5th since its creation in 2013! The purpose of this party was to review what has been

ByPolyOrbite team Nov 17, 2016

Back from the 67th International Astronomical Congress in Mexico!

Last September, PolyOrbite participated in the 67th International Astronomical Congress (IAC) in Guadalajara Mexico. The IAC regroups all the act

ByPolyOrbite team Nov 1, 2016

Recruitment Drive 2016!

During the last two weeks, PolyOrbite has been working hard promoting our project and we are proud to show that our efforts have paid off. Tec