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ByPolyOrbite team Nov 17, 2016

Back from the 67th International Astronomical Congress in Mexico!

Last September, PolyOrbite participated in the 67th International Astronomical Congress (IAC) in Guadalajara Mexico. The IAC regroups all the act

ByPolyOrbite team Nov 1, 2016

Recruitment Drive 2016!

During the last two weeks, PolyOrbite has been working hard promoting our project and we are proud to show that our efforts have paid off. Tec

ByPolyOrbite team Aug 12, 2016

Back from the CSDC 2014-2016: 3rd place !

PolyOrbite, once again on the Podium ! On June 16, PolyOrbite won third place of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge 2014-2016 and also

ByPolyOrbite team Feb 15, 2016

AéroPortail : Vitrines 2016

Aéro Montreal celebrates its 10th anniversary with the launch of the second edition of AéroPortail, a gathering of more than 2.000 graduates,