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ByPolyOrbite team Feb 15, 2016

AéroPortail : Vitrines 2016

Aéro Montreal celebrates its 10th anniversary with the launch of the second edition of AéroPortail, a gathering of more than 2.000 graduates,

ion drop rendu
ByPolyOrbite team Feb 14, 2016

IonDrop and Potomac Photonics

IonDrop, our second payload is an electrospray thruster, a technology based on the acceleration of ions through an electric field. Th

ion drop rendu
ByPolyOrbite team Feb 14, 2016

SpaceBean – Incubator

We are getting closer to the day of the competition and we would like to introduce the SpaceBean's incubator. We printed it in 3D, thanks to the

ByPolyOrbite team Feb 1, 2016

AeroPortail Event

PolyOrbite will participate to the AéroPortail event, held in the Centre des Sciences de Montreal. We will present our new satel