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ByPolyOrbite team Aug 12, 2016

Back from the CSDC 2014-2016: 3rd place !

PolyOrbite, once again on the Podium ! On June 16, PolyOrbite won third place of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge 2014-2016 and also

ByPolyOrbite team Feb 15, 2016

AéroPortail : Vitrines 2016

Aéro Montreal celebrates its 10th anniversary with the launch of the second edition of AéroPortail, a gathering of more than 2.000 graduates,

ion drop rendu
ByPolyOrbite team Feb 14, 2016

IonDrop and Potomac Photonics

IonDrop, our second payload is an electrospray thruster, a technology based on the acceleration of ions through an electric field. Th

ion drop rendu
ByPolyOrbite team Feb 14, 2016

SpaceBean – Incubator

We are getting closer to the day of the competition and we would like to introduce the SpaceBean's incubator. We printed it in 3D, thanks to the