The team

Essentially constituted of students from the Polytechnique de Montréal, PolyOrbite’s members created this society in order to learn more about space technologies. Among the engineering department  contributing to the project are Computer engineering, Mechanical engineering, Aerospace engineering, Electrical engineering and engineering Physics.

Canadian Satellite Design Challenge

The Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC) is a national competition created by Canadian Satellite Design Challenge Management Society Inc. (CSDCMS) which allows different Canadian university teams to design, build, test and launch a nanosatellite made from affordable materials and technologies.

The challenge occurs on a two-year period. After those two years, the satellites designed by a dozen of universities will be submitted to environmental testing.

The winning satellite will be launched to carry out its mission.

Our missions

SpaceBean: the study of the germination of a plant in microgravity

Educational Outreach

We feel the need to share our knowledge acquired during the project. To do so, we will lead workshops, not only in primary schools, secondary schools and cegeps, but also within the university and scientific world.

We believe it is important to transmit to our community the passion for science and space.

Executif 2018-2020


Xavier Ouimet

Electrical engineer


Josué Zabeau

Mechanical engineer


Simon Desgagné

Team Leaders




Louis Mangenot

Simon Beaudry

Pierre Daligault

Aerospace engineer Electrical engineer Aerospace engineer

Data Handling

Power Supply


Vivek Varadharajan

Samuel Laprise

Camila Silveira

Computer engineer Electrical engineer Electrical engineer