Geomorphology of the Baffin Island

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Geomorphology of the Baffin Island

Baffin IslandDefined as the fifth biggest island in the world, the Baffin Island located in north Canada turned out to be a subject of interest for Geocryolab.  Willing to study the periglacial landforms of this island, Geocryolab laboraty from the Geology department of  Montreal University, specialised in cold areas’ geomorphology and geotechnics, has joined PolyOrbite to define the satellite’s first mission.

For a minimal duration of one year, the satellite shall be able to adequately positioned itself over this northern area, take several pictures and send them to Earth so they can be studied. By the end of this mission, the area covered by the satellite’s photos will be about 1000 km by 1000 km, which is largely sufficient to cover the entire Island.

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