CSDC 2012-2014 Final Results

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CSDC 2012-2014 Final Results

In the last week of may 2014, PolyOrbite went to the David Florida Laboratory for the last evaluation in the competition, which would reveal which teams were going to be the best. We had to go through vibration tests and a final review of the satellite with the judges we had met at the Critical Design Review. On Thursday night was the announcement regarding the ranking of the teams.


Our Partners from the University of Bologna                with our satellite Eleonora

For our very first edition at this competition, we are very proud to say that PolyOrbite accomplished 3rd place over the 10 canadian participating teams. Even more so when we realise that we are the only new participating school in the top 5 universities, who had over four years of experience for some. The 2nd team is SpaceConcordia, from our neigbhour university who was very supportive of us and who truly deserved this position. The winners of this Second edition of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge are the students from the University of Victoria. Congratulations!


PolyOrbite & SpaceConcordia

We are looking forward for the next edition of the competition which begins this fall!

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