SpaceBean – Incubator

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SpaceBean – Incubator

We are getting closer to the day of the competition and we would like to introduce the SpaceBean’s incubator. We printed it in 3D, thanks to the MakerBor Replicator in the library at Polytechnique Montreal.

space bean rendu2

This incubator will be used to analyze the growth of our little seed on Earth. We will put it in the exact same environment that the other one, growing in the cubesat.
In this way, we will be able to compare and analyze the differences between the two seeds.


Main features:
– Weight : 400 ± 20 g
– Size : 94 x 94 x 40 mm
– Power consumption: 0.2 to 2.5 W
– Heat power: 2 W

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