Space bean – The plant

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Space bean – The plant

In a previous article, we have introduced the SpaceBean incubator whose structure has been printed in 3D, as well as its main features.

This article will be about the general informations of the plant.

As a reminder, the purpose of the mission is to study the attitude of the plant in microgravity environment. This mission will be positioned in a sun-synchronous orbit at a 700km altitude

The selected plant is Arabidopsis Thaliana, native from Europe and Asia from the family of Brassicaceae. This plant was specifically chosen as it has already been grown in microgravity and also because, its genome has been completely sequenced in 2008, which allows us to study more easily some of its features. It will be provided by the Montreal Planetarium.

This experiment will last about three to four weeks, when the leaf surface will reach approximately 1cm2.

So we hope, with such an experiment that we could approve our incubator’s model to many researchers and students.

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