Back from the CSDC 2014-2016: 3rd place !

ByPolyOrbite team

Back from the CSDC 2014-2016: 3rd place !

PolyOrbite, once again on the Podium !

On June 16, PolyOrbite won third place of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge 2014-2016 and also the UrtheCast Educational Outreach Award, rewarding educational involvement with the youth and general public.
The nanosatellite named Hathor has two payloads: SpaceBean (self incubator dedicated to the germination of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana) and IonDrop (an ion engine used for de-orbit in order to reduce space debris).

During the week of June 13, the team visited the David Florida Laboratory in Ottawa to make the final tests. The goal was to create a vibration test that simulates the launch of the nanosatellite. Hathor was tested around all 3 axes, with a frequency of up to 2000Hz).




After the vibration test, team leaders conducted a series of functional tests, to show the judges that the satellite was still operational, especially:
   – Sensor Acquisition
   – Demonstration of the actuators
   – Deployment of antennas

Followed by a series of questions from the judges about the 6 subsystems (ADCS, Power, Data handling, Mission, Structure and Telecommunication) and verification of the criterias provided in the specifications of the competition.

PolyOrbite is proud of its third place, allowing us to stay on the podium. The whole team is now already preparing the next two years with beautiful projects in mind and dreams of one day to put our nanosatellite into orbit.

Article written by Constance Fodé

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