Recruitment Drive 2016!

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Recruitment Drive 2016!

During the last two weeks, PolyOrbite has been working hard promoting our project and we are proud to show that our efforts have paid off.

Technical Societies Day

During this event, many students were able to obtain in-depth information on PolyOrbite and CubeSats by coming to our table. While at our kiosk, many of those students also signed up for a recruitment drive that would take place on September 13th and 15th to get to know the project a little better and meet the team’s leaders. If they decided on becoming a new member of PolyOrbite, we put them to the test. The task was to find a solution, in the sub-system of their choice, to a problem relating to a sample collection problem on an asteroid that had been redirected around the moon’s orbit. This exercise allowed us to stimulate our candidate’s minds and let them familiarize themselves with the different subsystems of CubeSats.

New Recruits Assembly

On the 20th of September, we gathered all our prospective recruits for the final selections.

During this assembly, the team leaders presented the details of their team (structure, mission, ADCS, power, telecommunications and administration) to help the recruits in making a final choice.



Following the presentation, the recruits took to the stage. One after another, they present their CubeSat sub-system design for the asteroid sample mission that was presented during the first information session.




The whole team at PolyOrbite would like to thank all of its new recruits for their active participation and amazing concepts!

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