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“Girls and science: an electrifying duo!”

On March 17, 2017, two members of PolyOrbite (Camille and Frédéric) took part in the event “Girls and science: an electrifying duo!”. This event was organized in collaboration between École Polytechnique de Montréal and École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS). We are proud to have been present to promote careers in science and technology to young girls in Quebec.

PolyOrbite held a workshop where young girls built rockets that were launched with an air pump. They had access to a bin of supplies and had to use all their creativity to create a spacecraft that combined aesthetics, performance and solidity.

We also gave a presentation about our new CubeSat ORUS and our tasks in the technical society. Our positions in the Administration team allowed us to also address the management aspect of a project, in addition to the technical aspect of the satellite’s design.

After this event, Camille testified: “I loved working with such passionate young women. As they had chosen the workshops that interested them most, enthusiasm and curiosity were at the rendezvous! I hope I have succeeded in passing on some of my own passion for aerospace. ”

The comments were all very positive and we look forward to the next edition that will take place at École Polytechnique.

For PolyOrbite, sharing our passion and promoting the space and scientific fields are our values.

ByPolyOrbite team

Launch Party!

PolyOrbite held it’s first launch party on Wednesday, April 5th since its creation in 2013! The purpose of this party was to review what has been achieved over the past 4 years and to welcome the new iteration of the CSDC 2016-2018 (Canadian Satellite Design Challenge) with many challenges ahead.

The administrative team demonstrated an incredible sense of logistics to ensure the smooth running of the evening. First of all, the guests were welcomed including sponsors, former members and all professors involved in this project: Supervisor Professor Giovanni Beltrame (InfoLog), Sofiane Achiche (Mechanics), David Saussié (Electrical) and Fabio Cicoira (Chemical).

Among the sponsors present were MDA, CRIAQ, IICAP and CAE.

MDA (from left to right: Yannick Ouellet et Marie-Ève Paré)

The guests were able to chat and get to know the members around small snacks and glasses of wine.
After that, Professor Giovanni Beltrame, current president of PolyOrbite Louis Attendu and previous president Constance Fodé (2014-2016) made a speech.

Professor référent Giovanni Beltrame

Giovanni Beltrame held a speech to highlight the importance of satellites today and their future.

Current president of PolyOrbite Louis Attendu>

During his speech, Louis Attendu thanked all members and sponsors who helped PolyOrbite become what it is today.

Previous president of PolyOrbite Constance Fodé

As for Constance Fodé, she wanted to share PolyOrbite evolution since its creation. She first thanked the former members and then continued her speech:

    So in 2014, we designed and built our first cubesat Eleonora. If there is one thing to remember about this satellite is that the wires are our enemies. Despite the somewhat chaotic look of Eleonora, we were very proud of our 3rd place for our first participation in the CSDC. I would like to remind you or mention that one of our ARTICA payloads has been developed by 5 graduate students of the University of Bologna. Their module, which was located below the satellite, consisted of a solar sail in order to deorbit the satellite and thus avoid space debris at the end of the mission.[…]
    During years of competition, we have seen an important improvement of our designs. Especially in terms of structure and tolerancing. Building a satellite requires precision and rigour. During vibration tests, sometimes panels break, pieces fall, the final integration of subsystems is full of surprises… However, in 2 years we have made tremendous progress to provide the CubeSat Hathor
    The message I want to share, particularly to current members, is that even if sometimes you feel like starting from scratch, that you don’t see any results, you should know that the CubeSat you worked on have significantly evolved. The number of members has increased and the team dynamics are really great. The knowledge we acquired has spread to give you today the opportunity to think about the idea of launching our satellite very soon.
    In 2016, we had a more professional looking satellite. Again, we finished third and in addition we won the educational prize. (Constance Fodé) “

The rest of the evening, a few members took photos by team to show their motivation for the projects to come!

Administrative team (from left to right: Frédéric Laviolette, Camille Nepveu, Simon Desgagné, Megan Ly, Constance Fodé, Janny Desgagné)

Payload team (from left to right: Chloé Pilon Vaillancourt, Samuel Laprise, Simon Beaudry, Megan LY, Alexis Noel, Gabriel Rodriguez, Amiève Annesley-Larivière)

ADCS team (from left to right: Gaëtan Hugot, Pierre Daligault, Antoine Morin, Hugot Paquet, Lina Marcela Zuluaga, Karl Egner, Jean-Christophe Audet

Structure team (from left to right: Dominic Rivest, Moéa Ulvé, Bruno Andre, Louis Attendu)

The other teams are: alimentation, control-operations, data, telecom.

PolyOrbite is also proud to welcome more and more female members to its large family:

The woman club (from left to right: Moéa Ulvé, Janny Desgagné, Marielle Oliver, Camille Nepveu, Amiève Annesley-Larivière, Megan LY, Bénédicte Samuel-Lafleur, Constance Fodé, Lina Marcela Zulaga et Chloé Pilon Vaillancourt)