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Eureka Festival!

PolyOrbite participated in the 10th Eureka Festival!

This event is a wonderful opportunity to discover science in a new way. It will appeal to a broad audience, both young and old.

We are proud of having a booth during the 3 days of the festival.

We offered visitors a fun craft activity, enabling them to build their own 3D model Cubesat and understand its components.
This activity was a success because we built 350 Cubesats paper with the children and we had 500 visitors. But also, we met people very interested in space science and we shared with them our passion.









ByPolyOrbite team

AéroPortail : Vitrines 2016

Aéro Montreal celebrates its 10th anniversary with the launch of the second edition of AéroPortail, a gathering of more than 2.000 graduates, professionals and aerospace enthusiasts of all ages, wishing to find employment or training programs in the sector.






It is with pride that PolyOrbite participated in Quebec’s largest gathering of the aerospace industry to present its latest satellite: Hathor and its missions. PolyOrbite team was able to share their knowledge with experts but also with the general public to raise awareness about space issues.






It is by the same occasion that Josué Zabeau, the head of the Payload team, participated in the panel discussion on the space theme, alongside Marc Donato VP Operations Information Systems Group of MDA, a world renowned company in space technology, representing PolyOrbite as the space club of the École Polytechnique in Montreal.

ByPolyOrbite team

AeroPortail Event


PolyOrbite will participate to the AéroPortail event, held in the Centre des Sciences de Montreal. We will present our new satellite Hathor and its missions: SpaceBean and IonDrop.
This event is especially dedicated to aerospace enthusiasts. Feel free to visit us at our booth at the largest event of the aerospace industry in Quebec!