Team Leader: Louis Mangenot (Aerospace engineering)

 The main goal of the Structure department is to design the satellite structure. However, this task implies several issues. On one hand the CSDC (Canadian Satellite Design Challenge) imposes a certain number of requirements. Structural dimensions are imposed by the CSDC, the satellite mass shall not exceed 4 kg, etc. On the other hand, all the sub-systems shall be perfectly integrated. That implies several correlations which have to be taken into account. In order to respond to theses challenges, the Mechanical department is organized as follows:

Our team is divided in four sub-departments:

  • Design: aims to design the structure and all components linked to this structure. The deliverable is a Catia file containing the final assembly.

  • Vibration studies: CSDC imposes that first modes of vibration shall be superior to 90 Hz under precise solicitation, the Vibration Department shall set up and manage vibration simulations. The deliverable is a simulation which will validate or not the Design.

  • Thermal studies: This department works in the same way as the Vibration Studies’. The deliverable correspond to a simulation that will allow to determine worst thermal cases (cold and hot) into the orbit. It will validate or not the Design.

  • Manufacturing: PolyOrbite is determined to manufacture the maximum of parts by itself. However, it is not always possible because of our lack of resources or expertise. The goal of the Manufacturing department is to separate manufactured parts and sub-contracted parts. In both cases, the department shall ensure the monitoring of components. Deliverables are subcontracting contracts for subcontracted parts and compliant components for the others.