Team Leader: Camila Silveira (Electrical engineering)

The telecommunications system is one of the most fundamental and critical parts of the CubeSat. It has to make possible the exchange of information between the earth and the satellite at worst scenario taking into account losses due to the atmosphere, the electronics onboard or the cosmic noise among others. From the satellite, telemetry is sent daily, reporting about its status and results of the onboard missions.

From the earth, commands are sent to satellite in order to modify values like its ionic thruster. The main job of this team is to design an antenna capable of receive and transmit signals to satellite at any attitude, and a transceiver made of microcontrollers, modems, oscillators and filters in order to handle and create radiofrequency signals, all embedded into a homemade PCB capable of resist the most extreme space conditions.

Without telecommunications the satellite would be then just an isolated object wandering the space.